How Investment Banker School Gets Your Career Started

Investment banker school is the starting point for what can be a long and highly profitable career in an industry which is always going to be needed. You will definitely need a college degree to be able to break into this career, and the quality of the course you take and the qualification you finish with can determine the entire course of your career. There are limited opportunities to start an investment banking career at a level above the most basic, but these can certainly never be relied upon no matter how well your college learning goes.


Becoming an investment banker is impossible without a sound foundational knowledge of how the industry works. Even though you may never have the opportunity to work on both sides of the operation, the learning course will still make them familiar to you. The selling side of investment banking is the one which is the most important, and the one which gives the investment banks the greatest opportunity for profit. This is were stock issues are sold into the market at a predetermined price, to raise capital for large organizations, and it is the foundation of the largest investment banks in the Western world.

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The school course you take will also prepare you for involvement in the buyer side of the business. Involvement in this side does not happen to everyone, but it happens in large numbers of investment banking careers. Although it is called the buying arm, the investment bank does not do any buying with its own resources. It simply invests the resources of others in the stock markets, and in any other related markets the investor wants to use. These are large institutional investors, who pay the large management fees charged by investment banks because they can make them back many times over in actual trading.

The investment banker school which you gain entry to will have an awesome responsibility in shaping your career. You will need to be successful in obtaining the degree you are studying for, of course, but there is more to it than that. If you are able to join the right prestigious college course, there is every chance that you may be sought out by a company and offered the chance to start your career at a higher level than is usual in this profession. This will only happen in rare cases, but you have an increased chance if you are studying for an MBA.

In the majority of cases, you will have to take your qualification and mount a concerted campaign to find a job at the entry level. This is easier said than done, although you will be helped by the fact that so many resume writers don't know what they are doing. The resume needs to be a sales letter selling your services to the potential employer, and it needs to be able to attract the attention of the recruiter very quickly. Too many people make a resume too long, thinking that they will impress the recruiter with the time they have taken. The only result in the real world will be that the resume never gets read.

If you leave investment banker school with an MBA, and have a good understanding of how to approach employers and get your case heard, it is unlikely that you will stay out of work for long. There are always places for those who have the ability and aptitude which is needed, especially as so many investment bankers burn themselves out and give up while still young. If you have the stamina, you can forge a consistent and successful career with what you learn in investment banker school.




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