Craft An Effective Investment Banker Resume

Investment banker resume documents are received from thousands of hopefuls who think they have a chance of obtaining a job and winning a place in investment banking. Many of them have little or no chance, even if they have managed to complete the college course which would be the initial requirement, either because they have crafted their resume poorly or because they have failed to project the image which the recruiters are looking for. Most of these faults are curable, if you are prepared to understand the system and work with it.


You are only likely to succeed at finding an investment banking job if you plan your campaign effectively right from the start. This is a highly competitive career, and those who succeed understand that the recruiters are in the advantageous position. Even if you do succeed in getting a job, you will still be on the bottom rung of the ladder for several years before you can make progress. Even this fact is not considered by many, who expect to be able to go straight into a job because of their university education, and be some kind of celebrity as soon as they get there. This is a long way from how the system works in practice.

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The college education which you need to have before you can even think about applying for investment banking jobs needs to be the focus of both your resume and your plan of campaign. The simple rule is to get accepted onto the best and highest rated program which you possibly can, as this will dramatically increase your chances of not only getting an investment banking career, but progressing within it when you get there. A high level MBA program is ideal for breaking into investment banking, and many workers have been recruited into higher than basic level jobs simply because of their high level education.

Your investment banker resume is, in a way, a sales letter. You are trying to sell your abilities to someone who might want to buy them, if you can convince the potential buyer that you can offer a better service than your competitors. As with any other mailed sales letter, it has only a short time to make its mark before it is simply confined to the trash with countless others of its type. Recruiters are extremely busy, and make sure that they discard any unwanted resumes as soon as they possibly can. If your message is good but hidden, it will never be seen.

The top part of the front page needs to be able to convince the recruiter to read the rest of the resume, which should in itself be as concise as possible. Include your major achievements such as your college education, because that is the first thing the recruiter will look for. The resume obviously needs to be aimed squarely at the banking industry, so leave out any irrelevances which will simply annoy the recruiter and waste their time. Even if money is your motivation for wanting to work in investment banking, find something else to add to it.

There are many tips for investment banker resume writing on the Internet, so make sure that you read everything which applies to your situation and take notes on it. Many people are lazy, and just create one generic document which they send to everyone. This will never work as well as having some part of the document personalized to the business you are applying to. With modern computer technology it is easy to have parts which can be altered and personalized within your investment banker resume.




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