How To Be An Investment Banker And Stay Successful

How to be an investment banker is a question which needs to be asked right at the start of your quest , as breaking into this career is far from easy. You will definitely need to obtain a college education, and that should be planned meticulously as it is the most important factor in your potential success. You will also need to be able to present the right image to recruiters within the investment banks, so that you can stand out from the thousands of other hopefuls who are trying to enter this career.


Discovering how to become an investment banker begins with finding out how the industry works and what people within it do every day. The investment banking companies operate in a completely different way from the banks which are household names. They do not take deposits from individuals, either as savings or everyday checking account funds, but instead place investment funds into the markets for clients. They are also involved in raising finance for corporations or government entities by releasing stock issues into the market. You will never work in both sectors as part of the same job, but you may well work in both during your career.

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The first essential in attempting to become an investment banker is that you obtain a college degree. This should ideally be in business studies, although other types of degree are not a bar to entering the profession. The college course you obtain is the most important factor, and if you are able to win a place on a highly ranked MBA course, you could find that this will give you an earlier start to your career, as you could be sought out by a bank looking to recruit.

Most information on how to be an investment banker will tell you that you need to start be becoming an analyst, and then work your way up from there. In most cases, this is what happens, but it isn't absolutely necessary every time. If you are on a high level MBA course, you could be taken straight into the role of associate and bypass being an analyst altogether. Even if you do have to start in the traditional way, there is always the possibility that you could be promoted through the system from analyst up to associate.

Once you have your college education in place, you then have the job of trying to sell your services to the recruiters in the investment banks. This is something which many people do poorly, despite the wealth of information on good resume writing which can be found on the Internet. The recruiter will only scan the document you produce for a few seconds before making the choice to throw it out if it doesn't immediately strike them as being highly promising. Make sure that your greatest achievements are listed on the top half of page one, and that definitely needs to include your college course.

Finding out how to be an investment banker is not difficult, as the banking industry wants to attract quality employees and will help you find what you need. The difficult part is in implementing the plan, and especially in finding the right college course in a subject which is much sought after and highly popular. Make sure you study the workings of the industry before you even get to the stage of applying for a college course, as you need to be able to demonstrate your seriousness in wanting to succeed at every stage. That is how to be an investment banker.




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